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Snow dogs by boarbarian Snow dogs by boarbarian
found a picture one of the dalmatians i grew up! this was Angel(i didnt name her..) and she was found on the side of the highway very emaciated by my dad's friend. when she put on weight, he gave her to us because we already had a dalmatian named Sasha.

sweetest dog i ever had. loved everyone, never growled and anytime she barked it was friendly. she was def not anything like the stereotype of dalmatian behavior. she was afraid of men at first and still always flinched if you raised your hand but she was still really patient with me and my siblings as insane kids, and was a great dog for my autistic little brother.

of course she had just about every single problem a dalmatian could possibly have but even when she couldnt walk, she was still very happy to see you and wanted to play. she was probs either 13 or so when we put her down.
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Esaki Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww she was the prettiest thing!
Do i see a beagle in the bg there? XD
boarbarian Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013
she was! i like dals with more black on them but w/e. not really a breed you'd even want to adopt cause of their health problems..

and yep! thats tootsie. we still have her and she's the most personality-less dog ever LOL. she's like a roommate that never talks to you or contributes anything, but they don't make a mess, cause drama, or do anything wrong so..
Esaki Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I personally love the darker spotted Dali's too,
Also, im a sucker for the 'blue dali's' and the 'brindles'!
Blue~> [link] Brindle~> [link]
Pretty neat.

Bahaaa, you know what, my beagle Sadie...
Is a rather personality-less dog as well.
Only time she does anything is when we start
screaming Squirrel and pointing at the window like
somethings going to attack us. Then she springs into action!

Opening her eyes to give us a really dirty look before
barking ONCE and falling back asleep.
Oh beagles. You so funny.

She does have really pretty ticking on her legs though.
Ill give her that lol
boarbarian Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013
our first one had more black like this! i dont have any of my own pictures of her but her fur was a tad weird too.. like she wasn't long haired, but it was a little longer than short haired ones.
long haired dals are gorgeous though.

so are liver dalmatians. black and liver are probs my favorite. lemon looks pretty but ive never seen one that had a bunch of the spots.

found another pic of Angel and our beagle.
our beagle tootsie just.. ugh lol. it just makes me so angry for no reason. she is driven SOLELY by food, and shes not even fat.. its hard to coax her over to you unless you have food, otherwise she'll just roll back over. and sometimes she'll come over to you so you can rub her belly, but as soon as you're done she just WALKS away from you and goes back to sleeping. she gets excited to go for a walk but its literally for like 3 minutes at most before she gives up on life and wants to go back home. i can get her to play with a toy for a few seconds and then she just goes back to sleep. she even gave up on howling when strangers came over, which im fine with that because she sucks at howling. nothing is wrong with her.. this is just how she is and its so annoying to me ahah. luckily she is my sister's dog, not mine. tho idk maybe its age. she's i guess she's like 8-9? she got ticking on her face as she aged too which bothers me ahah. i dont like random little white hairs and i pick them off my russian blue and used to it with my dalmatians when they had random white hairs in their spots. goddamn. i had no idea how old she was until i counted, i still thought she was like 3 LOL.
my american eskimo doesnt play with toys though won't play with the other dogs but she loves to run around and get attention, and our pitmix doesn't have an off button but at least the beagle will sometimes half-ass a wrestling match with her. i'm a cat person at heart so you'd think i'd love Tootsie but this dog needs to get a goddamn job.
Esaki Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XDDD get a job dog you do NOTHING.
Sounds like the beagles all have the same thing
goin on XD I got my Sadie girl at a year old,
and for free. She was my first dog and man, i
spoiled her. She was frisky in her first year
or so then after...hmm. Ill say when she was like 3 she
started getting really...'chill' and lazy.

Me: Sadie look a squirrel! Go get it!
Sadie: LOL NO.

Pffff those dalis <3 There so pretty and unique lol
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February 8, 2013
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